Monday, July 30, 2012

Lake Hamilton

Brian, the boys, and I took a little vacation with his parents, sister & husband, and our niece Mabry this weekend!  We had a house on Lake Hamilton for several days.  It was so nice!  We stayed there all weekend long and didn't leave once....we cooked, swam, fished, rode in the boat, got in the hot tub, napped, and just visited.  It was definitely RELAXING.  I hope we are able to keep up this tradition with them.  I am very thankful that I married into such a wonderful family!

Poppa reading a book to Sutton....

Nana & Mabry

Avery had so much fun just swimming...he was a little fish the whole time.

Sweet kisses....

Sutton was WAY into Mabry this weekend....more so than ever.  He wanted to hold her, feed her, kiss her....he was all about his cousin!!

Little Mabry is 3 months old now.

This picture cracks me up because Sutton will do just about anything for a laugh! 

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Lindsey's Dress

I TOTALLY got permission to post these pictures....yesterday, we all went with my sister wedding dress shopping...and it couldn't have gone any better!!  She found her wedding was the very 1st dress she tried on!  When she stepped out of the dressing room, we all had "The reaction". Of course she tried on several more just to make sure....but she and we couldn't have been more sure....she had definitely found her dress.  Her and her groom will be going to St. Thomas in December for their destination wedding and mom and I will be joining them as well as a few more guests.  Since not many people will be seeing her in her wedding it is!!! 

 There were 7 of us that joined her in the hunt!

She rang the bell when she had found her dress!

Then it was off for some fun...more shopping, dinner, and a bunking party at my house.  I had 7 extra guests for an overnight stay...we all piled up, laughed, told stories, and played're never to old for a good bunking party!!

We went to Ya Ya's for dinner and it was yummy!

Had a little fun with the manikins at Old Navy...This picture sooooo makes me giggle.

Overall I would say this day was PERFECT!  Found the dress, had a nice dinner, and enjoyed our company!!  I miss them already!

Monday, July 16, 2012


This past weekend Avery was in a wedding.  My cousin Rebekah got married at my grandparent's house on the lake.  The weather couldn't have been better, the setting was beautiful, and everything went smoothly....I was so proud of Avery for being such a big boy and walking down that isle grinning from ear to ear!

Mumu and PJ were there for the weekend also!

Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Haynie!

My sister and I....
she will be the next bride to be!!  We go wedding dress shopping this coming weekend and she will become Mrs. Polk on December 1st.  So happy for her and PJ!!

Love this looks like they're making a getaway!

We tried to keep little Sutton occupied and out of all the fun wedding stuff.  

He walked Junebug's dog Braxter most of the weekend.  It was really pretty cute to see him walking this little dog around on it's leash.