Sunday, January 20, 2013

Birthday's & Babies

We had a great weekend in DeQueen celebrating Jackson's 7th birthday and my friend Liz's baby boy with a wonderful shower!  Lots of visiting!!
We got lots of lovin from Mabry Claire.
Jackson's Birthday Party 

Sutton spent a lot of time in a Ninja mask dancing away!! 

We are missing a few here, but here are some of us!!! 
I was able to see some of my closest girlfriends at Liz's baby shower that I haven't seen in a long time!  I sure do miss these girls. 
Hannah and Shannon.....sweet little Tate Wilkerson will be arriving the first week in March!! 
I LOVE the expression on Sutton's face here.....
One of our most FAVORITE people in the whole wide world...BRODY!!  Oh,,,,and we love us some KK also. :)

My wonderful grandparents.....

Love these girls.....can't wait to meet Liz's little man!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Some Random Stuff

Posting some very random pictures this was time to change the boy's rooms up a bit....We let them pick out what they wanted to do in their rooms.  Avery chose dinosaurs.  He made all the wall art for his room.  He colored some pictures and drew some.  We framed it all and it turned out WWWAAAYYY cute.  He is very proud of it.  Sutton wanted "Choo Choo's"  He also like airplanes.  So we hooked him up with some train and planes.  I just have a few pictures of the wall decor....I'll post more pics of their rooms later.
I just printed off some clip art for some of Sutton's pictures.  I used frames I already had.

Avery drew the pictures on the left side.  I just cut them out and glued them onto some yellow construction paper before we framed them.  He colored the T-Rex on the right and I cut him out and put him on some gray paper. 
and here's Jake......the randomness..... 
Here is an airplane that Mumu painted for Sutton's cute is that!?! 
We went to the Young's house for a nice visit before our Christmas break was over.  I was able to get this cute picture!  That's where the picture came from of Mr. Jake above...he started walking that day!!  How cool!! 
Over Christmas break, I ran across Colt and Avery's first hang out.  I believe Avery was all of 2 days old and Colt was like 2 1/2 months old....

My oh so cute niece....Mabry Claire!  Look at this sassy girl.... 
My handsome little boys...I just love this picture!

Ava and Avery sure did enjoy seeing each other.  Both of these kiddos will start kindergarten next hard to believe.

Avery and Colt 
That was some random fun right there.....

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Park

We were finally able to go outside today!  My mom has been up this week....the sun popped out for a couple of hours this we took the boys to the park.  Mom was able to take a few pictures before she had to leave. :(

We already miss you CC!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Our little pine cone peanut butter bird feeder things were a great treat for the birds when it snowed!

Sutton has been sick off and on the past few weeks.  We let him go outside just for a little while....the rest of the time, he had to watch Brian and Avery.  It was pretty sad....but we needed this little guy to get well!

Avery was able to build 3 snowmen!  One with Brian, one on his own, and one with me.

His own little cute creation....

Here is the one I helped him with....Now that I'm looking at the pictures, this snowman was a little on the creepy side....

During one of our snow days, Brian and I helped put together a Holiday House for the boys...I did the hard part which consisted of melting the chocolate and making the structure of the house....All Brian had to do was decorate it and piece it together.  He did really good until he ran out of the white chocolate we were suppose to use to stick all the decorations on.  I caught him eating it...guess he ate more than he should have...he was only able to get the roof decorated!

Well, the roof looked pretty good.