Monday, June 27, 2011

Enjoying My Kids

What we've been doing....well, playing, playing, and playing. Mostly inside during the day because of the heat, but we try to sneak outside when it starts cooling off.

On Saturday, we ventured over to the Saline County Library to see some zoo animals. As you can see, we weren't the only ones that had this idea!! We saw several zoo animals and then got outta there! It was packed!!

Avery has been preparing some wonderful meals out of play dough this week. In this picture he was cutting us up some deer meat for supper.

He also helped his Dad wash his truck one evening....

Brian and Avery's dinner and a movie when great on Friday! They went for Mexican food, watched the movie, and then played games in the arcade. Avery was most excited about the games in the arcade of course...He told me today that he wants Daddy to take him just "one more time!" :)

Friday, June 24, 2011

Happy Friday!

Yep....It's true, Sutton will be hitting the 10 month old mark next week. I won't be around to make a blog post, so I decided to go ahead and do it. Here are some words that describe him right now:





*He likes to close things.



*Hot Tempered

*Sweet Most All of the Time



*He LOVES Avery!

He is "crawling EVERYWHERE" as Avery would put it...He is also pulling up and boy is he so proud of himself! He will look at you to make sure you are watching him! Avery is also doing good...he is at the age where he does not want Momma taking many pictures of him. I can get one every now and then, but most of the time he is totally fine with me NOT taking his picture!

Sutton is VERY curious....and quiet about it!


Me and my PRECIOUS 3 year old! He is such a joy to everyone!!

He is so funny. Brian and I giggle and laugh at the things he says all the time. Brian is taking him to dinner and a movie tonight. They are going to see Cars 2. He is pumped! Something sweet he did this morning was he ran into my bedroom to wake me up and he heard Sutton awake on the monitor. He said "Hey momma, let's go get Sutton! I'm ready to play with him. :)" Just melted my heart.

3 years old and that smile hasn't changed a bit! I love it!!

OK...this is the look that Sutton gives his Daddy almost every time he sees him. I'm not can bet Sutton is gonna give Brian this precious look!!

Do they even make these old school playpens anymore? This is my grandmother's and boy is it handy! We take it outside and Sutton is one happy camper!!

My flea market find...went to a flea market this week and saw this "chester drawers." Yes, that's what I've always called it...go ahead and giggle! Any who, thought I could spruce it up because we could sure use the storage for clothes. It turned out very cute and all I did was sand a little, put new knobs, and varnish.

Not very good before pictures, but you get the idea.


Saturday, June 18, 2011

LOTS of Florida

Just got back from our Florida vacation and the beach was as beautiful as ever!! Our vacation in pictures....and in no particular order :)

This was Sutton's first time to the beach. The sand or water did not bother him a bit. He just hung out, floated around in the pool, and watched everything going on around him.

We ate some really good food of course!

Avery swam in the pool a lot.

Ate some kind of amazing desert....

KK, Jeff, Sutton, and Amber

Watched a SHARK being brought in on a boat at Harbor Village on the last night....very exciting I must say!!

Ate at Joe's Crab Shack!

Had some R&R...and enjoyed my kids.

Went to the Bass Pro Shop several times....Avery's favorite thing was looking at the aquarium with all the big fish in it. He could have sat there for hours if we would have let him!

Had LOADS of fun just hanging out in our condo!

Ate some more good food.....

Enjoyed going down to Harbor Village, eating at the Crazy Lobster, listening to a live band, and watching fireworks!

Brian and Avery had a day they spent together, but they forgot to take my camera. They went to the Bass Pro, a museum, an arcade, and the go-cart track. I think Brian had more fun than Avery did!!

The Kirkpatrick's

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Memorial Weekend

It's that time.....SUMMER is HERE!! We spent Memorial weekend on the lake camping with friends and family! Good times make for good pictures!!

Jackson, Avery, and Cooper

Watching the horseshoe tournament!!

Sutton was a TROOPER....Stayed up later than normal, some short naps, but all smiles!!

I took Avery riding on the jet ski!

Amber, Sutton, and Lindsey

Papaw and Jeff on the jet ski.

All the kiddos had fun in the water and dirt!

Jackson even caught a mess of fish.

On the way home Monday, the boys were asleep before we even left town!