Wednesday, August 29, 2012

My Favorite Outfit

The boy's preschool will be having some fun dress up days throughout the school year.  Today was My Favorite Outfit day.  I let the boys pick out their favorite shirt.  Avery chose a dinosaur shirt of course and Sutton his monkey shirt.....nuff said!  They are both LOVING their preschool!

Friday, August 24, 2012

2 Good 2 Wait

What a wonderful surprise!  My grandparents called me last night and told me they were coming over and we were going to make some homemade pizzas.  Mimi, Grandad, & Aunt Norma Dee brought all the goodies and we made our own individual pizzas for supper tonight.  It was fun and delicious!  We enjoyed dinner and a WoNdeRfuL visit!!  So glad they came over.

Avery made his, Sutton's, and Brian's pizza.  Sutton wasn't interested in making them....just the eating part!

Sutton had some fun putting hats on Grandad.

He also gave away some sweet kisses to Mimi......

and Grandad!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

It's about Time!

It's been a while!  I have not updated in a couple of weeks and feel really behind on my blogging.  It's kind of been out of the ordinary around here.  Brian has been sick; he is going on 3 weeks now with nonstop headaches and nausea.  He has been through a series of doctor's visits and tests.  Hopefully we will get some answers tomorrow after his MRI.  The boys started their preschool on Monday of this week.  I have been testing kindergartners.  I should receive my class list tomorrow afternoon and our first day of kindergarten will be on Thursday!  I'm excited, nervous (even though this is my 9th year), and ready! 
We recently became members of Lakeside.  This is a private club close to our house that has hunting land, a fishing lake, four wheeler trails, and a park.  Just what a family like mine needs.  We love it!  We were able to spend some time there before all the craziness started!

Thought this was way cute...the boys watched cartoons one night in an empty toy bin.

What is my child trying to do with his Popsicle???

I did NOT get very many 1st day of preschool pics....this is the best I can give you!

Sutton before his first day of preschool.......
 and after his first day.......

Tonight we read lots and lots of books to the boys!  They were just in a reading mood.

I was a bit nervous about the boys starting their new school on Monday.  I knew Avery would probably do just fine, but I just wasn't so sure about Sutton. I was mostly nervous about him trying to lay on a mat to sleep on during nap time.  The child has only been in a crib or pack-n-play while he sleeps.  He's never been given the freedom of laying on a mat on the floor.  I just didn't know how in the world they would keep him there.  I am happy to say that day #1 and #2 went great!  He laid down on his mat, went to sleep, and slept like a champ.  I'm super excited!