Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Crystal Springs

I took Avery to Magic Springs again today. We stayed in the water park because they won't let you ride any rides if you are expecting and Avery isn't tall enough to ride them on his own. So, we had fun playing in the water! Hopefully we will get to go a few more times before Sutton arrives. Here are a few pictures I was able to get.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Magic Springs

I've named this post Magic
Springs because we took
Avery on Saturday and had the BEST time! But, I don't have a photo one from there. We went to the water park and then hit the rides, so I wasn't really able to carry my camera. I'll tell you about it though....Brian and I had the most incredible time watching Avery having so much fun. It's amazing how you can just watch the look on your child's face and be on top of the world! He wanted to ride the "big" rides. He rode the log ride and the runaway diamond mine train. They were both pretty fast and had good hills...He loved every minute of it. I just knew he was going to freak out once the rides started, but he didn't. He really surprised me. He wanted to ride on the big boat that rocks back and forth, but we wouldn't let him. Maybe next time...:) The water park was great also. It kept us cool and of course Avery loves the water so he was loving that also. Overall, our Magic Springs trip was a SUCCESS. I'm taking him back to the water park on Tuesday and can't wait! So that was Magic Springs...now I will explain the pics I have posted below. I just couldn't make a post on here without pictures. This week Colt came and spent the night again. Except this time, we went and got Avery's trundle bed mattress for him to sleep on. Let me tell you, these boys did great! Slept in the same room, only took them about 20 minutes to fall asleep. Went to bed at about 9:15 and got up at 8:30. Played like champs and Brian and I enjoyed watching and playing with them. Then the next night, little miss Ava Jayne came and hung out for a few hours to play. Same thing...Avery and Ava had the best time and enjoyed playing together. I am so thankful for our friends!

Avery and Brian before church this morning.

Avery and I before church this morning. Sutton Update: We are about 34 weeks pregnant with Sutton. We go to the doctor on Wednesday. He is growing by the day. I am working on his room and hope to have it done here in the next couple of weeks. He is moving a lot and at times hurts me when he's kicking! This morning when Brian and I woke up, he looked at me and in the nicest way possible told me that my face was starting to get puffy. And yes...as you can see, I am getting the pregnancy face. So you know what that means...this pregnancy is winding down and we will get to meet Sutton sooner than later! Thanks for your honesty honey...one of the many reasons I love you!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Mid-America Museum

On Thursday, we met Aunt Kendra and Jackson at the Mid-America Museum in Hot Springs. The boys had a blast, as well as Kendra and I. I had been when I was younger, but had forgotten just how cool this place is. We will be visiting here more often I do believe!

At the end of our visit, Avery and Jackson dug for dinosaur bones!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Birthday & Weekend at the Lake

Today we went and celebrated Bella Grace's 1st birthday with her and her family. They had a pool and lots of water toys. Avery didn't slow down...until the cake was brought out. Then he settled down for the moment to blow out Bella's candle and eat some cake....Yes, after we sang Happy Birthday, Avery blew out her candle like that's what he was suppose to do. He grinned ear to ear like he was so proud of himself. I must say, it was pretty funny! He was just helping her out a bit. :)

Here we are singing happy birthday to Bella...Avery is anxiously waiting for the big moment...little did we all know, he was waiting to blow out that candle!

Cake and ice cream..YUM!

Last weekend, we went to visit Pops, Mimi, and Grandad at the lake. Mumu and June met us up there. We stayed in the hot tub a lot! We also relaxed and ate some of Mimi's good cooking.

June, Avery, Mumu, and Pops

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Fun with the Boys

Avery had some company this week! Jackson and Colt came to visit. Brian, Kendra, and Jackson came and stayed with us on Monday and Avery had his very first sleepover with Colt on Tuesday night. Colt came and stayed with us and they did great! Colt was a champ and slept in the guest room and never made a peep to go home! I couldn't believe how well they did for only being 2! They had a lot of fun.

I tried really hard to get a good pic of all three of them...it was just not happening!

Watching a little TV.

Bath time!

Brush those teeth and get ready for bed!

Bedtime story!

Both Avery and Colt went to bed at 9 and slept until 8:30 the next morning. I gave them a healthy nutritious breakfast the next morning...a honey bun!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

4th of July Weekend

I hope everyone had a happy 4th of July! We went and visited friends and family for the weekend. It was a very busy one as usual. We ate dinner with Nana and Papa on Friday night, Avery spent the day with them on Saturday, went swimming with Shannon and Chip on Saturday evening, watched a firework show, and on Sunday Avery went and spent the morning with CC and Bear....then that afternoon we went and played with Jackson and that evening we hung out with the Kirkpatrick's at the firework stand! Whew! Good Times!

This was our favorite firework this year! It was a lantern that you light and it was like a hot air balloon. It was AWESOME!

Avery, Jackson, KK, and Kendra

Me and my lovely sister!

Avery and Jackson playing dress-up....Avery had to make a goofy face for this pic!

Mumu, Avery, and CC

Sutton Update: 31 weeks along and growing by the minute!!