Monday, August 5, 2013

Little Mo River

Brian and I are fortunate enough to have kept up with some really close friends that we grew up with.....literally, we all grew up together, started elementary together, high school, and the girls all went off and went to college together.  Now that we all have our own families it makes it a little bit more difficult to get together.  Thankfully Chip and Shannon planned this weekend for us at a family cabin they have on the Little Missouri River....It was gorgeous, relaxing, and just wonderful!!
It was Chip & Shannon, Brian & I, Lacey & Brent, Liz & Lucas, and Tara & Justin.
We played catch up and just enjoyed being together.
Here was our view from the cabin.

It was shallow and just perfect for a river chair and relaxation.


It was Shannon's 32nd birthday so we surprised her that evening with a birthday cake and gifts!  We love you Shan!

Chip being Chip.....

Brian and I have such a strong friendship with these 2...always have and always will!!  Great weekend guys...can't wait for the next one!