Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Little Bit of Everything

What have we been up to? Well....my mom came up for a visit, Sutton started crawling, Avery has been helping Brian in the yard (he is wanting to do EVERYTHING that his Daddy does :), we've been planting some flowers, Avery played with a frog for EVER and then got really upset because it was "hiding" from him, AND we had a sleepover with Colt! Whew....and here are some pictures of it ALL!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Clean Up, Clean Up, Everybody Do Your Share!

This crazy Arkansas weather has been on mine and Brian's mind...We have so many beautiful trees that surround our entire house. Not a safe spot ANYWHERE in our house during a storm. So we decided on two things. Trimming trees and a storm safe. So, the work began on Friday. We rented some equipment and Brian had at it. He cut down limb after limb. He also cut down a big huge tree. His parents came up to help and spend time with the boys. We all worked hard and it payed off!

I'll have to get some after pictures posted because it's all cleaned up now!! Whew Hew!!

So, now our storm safe. We have been searching for several weeks for the perfect storm shelter for our family of 4. We also had to take Brian's size into consideration since he's like 7'8 or something crazy like that! We found the perfect one!! Even a bit on the stylish side I think. It does not look like much, or like we would even fit in it, but we have tried it out and it's perfect!! It has air vents, a fan, and lights. It is anchored into the ground like nobody's business and is F5 proof. We love our Spaceship!!

Avery had a time following Nana around on his tractor.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day! I sure did....my sweet "other" mother had me request my Mother's day dinner...of course I said STEAK! And boy did I get it....she cooked us enough steak for the whole week!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Hannah Caroline

I have to say that GOD has blessed me with the best friends in the world! We may not live right next to each other, may not talk every week, and may not see each other very much...but when we are able to get together, it's like we haven't missed a beat! We laugh, giggle, and enjoy each other just like we did before we were wives, teachers, and moms. Shannon will be welcoming her first baby here in a few weeks. Little Miss Hannah Caroline Wilkerson has a lot of people waiting to meet her! We all got together for Shannon a baby shower this Saturday. I left all my boys at the home front and spent the day with the girls. The shower couldn't have gone any better! We also went to lunch afterwards and went to Shannon's house to go through Hannah's goodies just one more time!

Sherri and Lindsey enjoying the shower.

Shannon and her hostesses!

Amber Chandler made her this ADORABLE diaper cake.

Lunch at Papa's was fabulous as always! This weekend was wonderful and I am reminded of and so inspired by my friend and her strength.