Saturday, December 29, 2012

3 of 3!

Santa made a stop by our house!  I had a friend tell me to capture a picture of them in the hallway before they go to see what Santa has we started that this year!  Here are the boys right when they woke up ready to go see if Santa came.....
and he came!!!!......

Although Sutton was pretty sick on Christmas, it was priceless!  The smiles on their faces and excitement...just the pure magic of Christmas is a feeling like none other.  I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!
I had to post this picture....Sutton still rocks BEDHEAD like none other I must say!!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

2 of 3!

Post #2....
After being out of electricity for a couple of day and loosing a LOT of my Christmas pictures to my computer that died...I'm finally getting it together and making a post.  We spent Saturday at my grandparent's house opening gifts, eating some great food, and riding around looking at lights that night.  I can't remember a better Christmas!
Aunt Kendra, Jackson, and Avery 
The boys are really into Ninjas right now....even Uncle Jeff! 

We were still all smiles.....even after our Women's Dirty Santa game!

Amber and Lindsey

We spent a lot of the day outside.  The weather was beautiful!

Avery and PJ

I guess we were all kind of into Ninjas that day!!

Nonnie & Jackson

Post #3 coming really soon!!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

1 of 3!

I was able to get LOTS of pictures this weekend while we celebrated Christmas with our families.  We spent Saturday at my grandparent's house opening gifts and we spent Sunday with Brian's family.  I'm going to have to break down my post into sections! lol.....The Williamson Christmas with Nana, Poppa, Granny, Aunt Cacky, Aunt Amber, Uncle Steven, Mabry, and my family. :)

It was Ms. Mabry's very first Christmas this year!  She is 8 months old today!

Steven and Amber having a little fun with their knitted beanies!

and Poppa with his.....

Nana & Poppa and their grandbabies.

Granny and her great-grandbabies!

I just LOVE this look miss sassy britches is giving the camera! 

More pictures to come!  Merry Christmas everyone!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Bird Feeder

What a simple fun sweet friend told me that I could put peanut butter on a pine cone and then role it in bird seed for a neat little bird feeder to hang outside.  So, after dinner tonight, that's just what we did!  Both boys liked it...Sutton kept on eating the peanut butter!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Boots & Teachers

One of the many things I love about Brian is that he LOVES to give gifts.  He couldn't stand the fact that we have not given the boys one of their Christmas gifts yet....he went and picked these boots out for them yesterday (from Nana and Poppa) and we let them open them last night!  Sorry Nana and know how Brian is...we loved watching them get their boots. They LOVE them!

I haven't posted any pictures of my teacher friends in a while.  We had our little Christmas gift exchange today and what fun we had!  It's going to be hard to top it next year.  I look forward to seeing these ladies everyday.  They make me a better friend, teacher, mom, and all of the above.  I'm so thankful for all of them!!

McClain, Kilburn, myself, Mote (hiding), Stinnett, Hill, Bump, and Dalton
Love You Girls!