Saturday, February 26, 2011

Thank You For This Day

Feeling very thankful today....Thankful for these boys and my husband!

It's days like today that you just can't put a price on. Thank you God for my family, health, and this beautiful day! I spent the day at home with my kids and enjoyed the weather. We played some Ogosport, flew a kite, and washed my truck.

Sweet Sutton enjoyed watching us do it all!!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

50 Years Young


We had my mom a surprise 50th birthday party this weekend. She was totally surprised (even though she said I gave it away by the way I was acting all day). We had so much fun celebrating mom's birthday. SO many people love her. She is the most beautiful 50 year young woman I have ever seen! I hope I age like her :)

Me & KK

Avery was loving him some cake!

My prego bestie Shan! She was able to spend Friday night and all day Saturday with her!!

Jackson and Avery digging into the cake.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Snow Company

We got LOTS of snow this week.....It's still here! We wanted Avery's buddy Colt to come play and stay the night, so Brian went and got him yesterday. They played and played in the snow. These boys are two peas in a pod. They had fun!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Wallet

Stuff like this always happens to me! Brian is so good about gift giving. He ALWAYS searches high and low to give me a great gift for my birthday or Christmas or just because....and I truly AlWaYs like what he gets me. Me..not so much. I do try hard, but seem to have a bit of trouble....this story is just one of many. Brian's 31st birthday is on Sunday. I wanted to get him something unique and personalized. I love I have purchased a lot of cool gifts from that website. So, I decided he needed a customized new wallet. I found a lady on etsy that did this sort of thing. We emailed back and forth and I finally decided on the "perfect" gift for Brian. Brian has a passion for hunting. He LOVES LOVES LOVES to hunt. His favorite being turkey. I decided I would have this lady put a turkey on the front of this "antique leather" wallet. OK, so I was super excited and just knew Brian would love it. After all, who else would be carrying a wallet like this one. I waited for about 2 and a half weeks. Checked my email at school and saw that it was being delivered that day....I couldn't get home fast enough to check the mail and take a peek. When I opened the package, I think my mouth fell open and stayed that way for a good 45 seconds or so....I heard Avery say "What is it Momma?" "Son, I really don't know what this thing is that I paid $85 dollars for!!! It looks like a Thanksgiving turkey, and the bottom shouldn't have BW monogrammed, it should say "GOBBLE GOBBLE" Really?? Could this wallet that I paid WAY to much for really look like it came out of a truck stop for a whopping $5.00.....You be the judge....

Yes...go ahead and laugh....Brian sure did. Right when he got home I said "Just go ahead and order that camouflage you've been wanting from Cabellas." He was like why??? I just handed him this wallet and told him the story. He held nothing back...I thought he was going to pee his pants he was laughing so hard. We decided to send this thing back!! Well, guess what, it is a personalized gift, so there are NO returns or exchanges. Lesson Learned.....

Look at all the snow we got! We are still in the house waiting on it all to disappear!
Avery and I cooked Brian breakfast this morning....Here are some pics of him helping me out.

For those of you who are a little OCD...yes, I realize my son has on a ball pajama top and Thomas the Train bottoms. Normally this would not be the case, but his daddy got him ready for bed...I noticed it right off the bat, but restrained myself from saying anything.

And then there was Sutton......

He has been sticking his tongue out a lot here looks like this when captured on camera!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

What to Do??

We had yet another snow day on Friday....I will not complain because it was a day home with my kids :) They both have been fighting a nasty cough all week and so we had to stay inside. We played any and everything I could think of! Here are a few of those "We have nothing better to do so let's get out the camera!" pictures.

Scooby Doo can be a bit frightening at times as seen on my kids faces!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

5 Months Today :)

Happy 5 months today to my sweet little Sutton! A few things he is doing now:
*Smiles some more
*Rolls over both ways
*LOVES his blanket (Avery's old blanket)
*When he is ready to go to sleep he puts his blanket over his eyes
*He loves him some baby food....any kind, except peas
*Does not like ANY kind of medicine
*Sleeps like a champ
*Cannot skip a bath!
*Loves Avery!
*Loves patty cake and Yo Gabba Gabba
*Kicks a lot
*Is quiet most of the time
*Melts his momma's heart!

Oh...he does take a pacifier, but when it comes out...he likes to sneak his thumb in his mouth...he does this often.