Sunday, February 26, 2012

Just Cute

This is how Sutton ate his lunch the other day.....Just CUTE....

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Update on CC

I haven't given an update on my mom in a while. She is doing FANTASTIC! Her and my sister came up yesterday for her doctor's appointment. She began using a walker about two and a half weeks ago...then transitioned to a cane. She is walking with the cane now and pretty soon won't need anything to walk by's really unbelievable. She will undergo a pretty minor surgery next week to get a rod removed. After her doctor's appointment, me, my sister, and mom enjoyed a nice lunch and had fun just hanging out! We went and got the boys and just visited all night until bedtime. I am so thankful we still get to do that!

We thought Sutton would really dig some pop rocks since he is all about fun, excitement, and living on the edge....I was sooooo wrong....see below

Complete and utter meltdown!

Good Weather=Park!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Night / Day???

Are your children's personalities similar? Or opposite? My boys were very similar as babies....smiled from the time they entered into this world and are still smiling, great sleepers, nappers, eaters, and LOVE people. But Sutton comes into his own personality, Brian and I are seeing everyday how very different these babies are! It cracks us up. People tell you all the time how their children are complete opposites and like night and day...I'm beginning to understand......

Here you have Avery...this picture says it all.

He is sweet, caring, wears his heart on his sleeve, a bit dramatic, loves attention when he is sick or hurt (totally gets this from Brian), neat & organized as much as a 4 year old boy can be (he totally gets that from me!), likes things that smell good, concerned about others, loves to cuddle, tells us he loves us 17 times a day, or more! Very cautious, doesn't jump into things without thinking them out, wants to be 100% sure before trying or doing something, takes care of his brother, and CAN be trusted (thus far). Loves mornings..usually wakes up with a smile and ready for the day!

Sutton....hilarious, demanding, we use to call him SWEET BOY when he was a baby but I've come to the realization that for those 9 months or so he was totally plotting and scheming in his mind what he was going to do when he became mobile and more vocal! He is hilarious and keeps Brian and I laughing, smiling, and on our toes at all times. This one CANNOT be trusted...if you don't here better find him! He does NOT enjoy mornings for a good 15 minutes or so, loves his blanket which he carries around everywhere, hates it when I pick him up from daycare...I mean, he kicks and bucks like a mule because he does not want to go in his car seat. It's quite a scene...Mom's picking up her 17 month old son from not seeing him ALL day long and he goes crazy screaming and crying not wanting to go! He is a great napper, sleeper, and eater....he's fearless, smart, charming, and I have NO idea what's to come when this boy starts talking and putting sentences together...I'm just not sure what's going to come out of his mouth! I'm a little he is letting me know he is MAD and he is telling me ALL about it...I'm pretty sure he would be saying a few choice words about now if he could.
I was off today for President's are just a few pictures of our day at home.

We got the colors and coloring books out....Avery and I were getting after it coloring some pictures....not Sutton, caught him on top of our coffee table chunking crayons as hard as he could across the room!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Hot Springs

I've been ALL SMILES since Thursday evening......looking a bit like this.......

The reason is because I was looking so forward to my weekend. Brian's company that he works for has an annual get away for their employees and wives. It's always right around Brian's birthday, Valentines Day, and my birthday. This year we were back in Hot Springs and it happened to fall on my birthday! The women went to the track on Friday, had a fabulous lunch, and then we all went to dinner that night. It was mine and Brian's 7th year to be a part of this. We had such a good time as we always do. McGeorge is an awesome company and they value family and safety! They treat their employees and families so well. I got a few cheesy pictures that I was able to post. Oh...almost an awesome massage as a gift from Brian's boss.

Brian's parents so graciously came and stayed with our kiddos while we were gone!

When we got home....I ran in and got on my knees with my arms open wide...Sutton begins running with his arms up in the was precious...he was running right towards me....passes me and goes right to his daddy...He kept kissing him and loving all over him. He wouldn't stop with the slobbery kisses...Brian is loving it as you can see by the look on his face!

Nana, Avery, Sutton, and Poppa

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I Redeemed MYSELF!!

I totally redeemed myself!! Last year Brian's birthday was a know...the whole GOBBLE GOBBLE turkey wallet...if you don't remember the story go refresh your memory by clicking here:

This year, I hooked Brian up with a customized, personalized, duck call for his birthday/vday gift. Whoot Whoot! Score

The LOVE BUG stopped by our house this morning....

Sutton decided to have some chocolate for his breakfast.

I just love Avery's imagination! Here he is using my plant to play with his cute.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Lake Erling

Check out this deer camp that Mimi made for my boys....

The inside has a bathroom, den, kitchen, and bedrooms. It is pretty awesome! And yes,,,,my Mimi made it for them. More about my amazing Mimi on down......

Lake Erling for the relaxing! My grandparents are retired on this lake. My dad also lives right next door. We try to go down for the weekend whenever we can. I must say...I LOVE going....I pretty much stay in my pj's the whole do my boys. We don't watch TV, do laundry, sweep, vacuum, clean, or anything like that. We simply ENJOY. Enjoy the view, each others company, conversation, and fishing (when it's not too cold). I can say that the whole weekend I'm at Mimi, Grandad, and Pops, I enjoy just being in the moment with my family. Avery, Mumu, and I played some Hi Ho Cheerio and put together puzzles. June Bug rode bikes with Avery. Mimi, Grandad, and Pops had fun playing with and watching the boys play!!

Pops & Avery

Pops & Sutton

Mimi is like the craftiest chic in the whole USA! You saw the deer camp....She can do it all...from building decks (real life), making jewelry, cooking whatever, sewing whatever, building whatever, you name it...she does it! While we were down, she catered a 50th wedding anniversary for someone at her big deal....she cooked for like 100 people or something crazy like that! She whipped up this fruit creation in like no time at all...check this out!!

Sutton played the piano for us.....oh...Mimi can do that 2...and sing!!