Monday, May 27, 2013

A Little Bit of the River

There is nothing like a day at the river......especially with the ones you love!  Brian, myself, our boys, Steven, Amber, Mabry, and Wayne enjoyed the river on Saturday.  We enjoyed catching crawdads, fishing, sitting, and just watching our kids.  It's the small things..... 

Miss Priss loved the COLD water and the current didn't bother her a bit!  She is a little dare devil and is giving Sutton a run for his $.  We love Mabry Claire!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

A Little Awkward I can't help it, but I get such a kick out of looking at awkward family photos...Not sure why, maybe it's wrong of me, but it tickles me to death!  Here are just a few I have viewed about awkward!!   

Still not sure what's going on with this one!?!

My friend Bump and I decided to have a little fun on our lunch break last week....we made our own awkward photo!  Heeeheeee

It's that time of year....winding down and getting ready for summer....We've enjoyed lots of potlucks at work as well as retirement and teacher appreciation lunches.
I will miss my little kindergartners!  They have been such an awesome class!

Uncle Jeff was up this week for a visit...we played some baseball in the yard with the boys.

Avery graduates from preschool this week!  I'm excited for him!  He is so excited to start kindergarten next year....I'm trying not to be sad that he is getting bigger...that's what they are suppose to do.....right?  Gonna try to be so happy that he is growing and learning the way he should.  

I'm also ready for this in a few weeks.....So READY for our family vacation!!

For Mother's Day, Avery was suppose to draw a picture of me.  He chose to draw our whole family.  I'm just in love with his picture.  He melts my heart!

These boys are my heart....
My boys and Brian made my Mother's Day just wonderful! 

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Home Run Avery!

What a special week for Avery!  His Pops was able to watch him play ball earlier in the week, and his Poppa was able to come watch him today in his ball tournament.....and....Avery hit his very first home run!!  It was so exciting!

And then there is this little handsome devil......

After the tournament, we grilled and let the kids play at the park...Great day! 

Friday, May 3, 2013

A Tid Bit

We sure did enjoy our visit with CC this past weekend!

Brian and I had our 9 year anniversary on Wednesday.  I can be a little on the cheesy side....and yes...I made this card (pinterest) for him.  He liked it!

And today.....We survived our kindergarten field trip to Chucky Cheese!