Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Weekend 2012

The onesie says it all......

I got to hold and cuddle with my niece this weekend and I loved it!  So did this guy......

It's really pretty cute how much he loves her.  He kisses on her and talks to her.  He's pretty fond of Mabry.

We had a busy fun filled weekend.  Saw LOTS of friends and family.  Went to Hannah Caroline's 1st birthday party down at the river.  Spent the remainder of the weekend at the lake camping.  Our friend Kirbi came to hang out with us some!

Jackson and Avery got to spend some good quality time together playing at the lake.

2nd Annual Horseshoe Champs!
Rod and Uncle Steven

Now for a week at home....school is out and I'm spending it at home with my kids!  

Saturday, May 19, 2012

There is a tree in our yard that Brian carved Avery's initials and birthday in several years ago....I guess he decided it was time for this little dude to have his initials and birthday carved....

We took the boys to the park one evening this week and you can tell by the look on Sutton's face that this swing was FABULOUS!!!

Saw this one evening on the couch....I must admit...It was a little on the creepy side!  The T-Rex is taking his nap.  Avery had put him to bed on the couch, all snuggled and covered up with the Razorback quilt that we all fight over.

And there it is...the tree looks much better now!!!

Monday, May 14, 2012

White River Weekend

Oh...the beautiful White River.  We were so there this weekend.  Just Brian and I....such a nice little get a way for us.  We recently had our 8 year anniversary and of course it was Mother's Day this past Sunday.  We really like to try and go somewhere, just us two, when and if we get a chance.  Like I've said before, Brian is really good about planning and getting everything all booked and ready to go.  He booked us a nice little cozy cabin that we've never stayed in before.  Brian's parents, Nana & Poppa, came to stay with the boys for the weekend.  Everyone loves it, Brian and I have fun, Nana & Poppa LOVE hanging with the boys, and the boys LOVE hanging with Nana & Poppa...WIN, WIN, WIN.

I was hoping for some warm, sunny weather, but it was cold and misty....but we didn't let that ruin the fishing!

The inside of "Rocky Top" (the name of the cabin). 
Say that without singing the chorus of the song....I can't!!  I sang that darn song all weekend long!

 The view from the cabin.
There was an old checker board that Brian and I broke out on Saturday night.  I forgot how fun checkers can be. 

 The fishing was decent.  Brian caught this nice Brown.  He did well this round....me....not so good.  Mine were all little bitty things.

Yep...there's what I caught...little dinks.  I mean...you kind of have to squint to see my fish.

Another cabin view.....

 Another one of my MONSTROUS catches....
(I look proud though...huh!!)
We went to Jo Jo's for dinner Saturday night.....so good.  After dinner we drove around downtown Mountain View to "see" if they really do have "Picking on the Square." 
Yes, yes they do!

This crew was waiting on us when we arrived Sunday morning!  I enjoyed a wonderful Mother's Day with my family for the rest of the day.  To end the evening, we were winding down for bed and I heard Avery holler at me and say "Hey Momma, you're the cutest girl in the whole wide world....you know that."  Now that's the way to end a wonderful Mother's Day. 

Monday, May 7, 2012

Sprinkler and 20 months

What we've been doing.....

You can see by the picture where this looks like it's going......

There is nothing more fun right now at our house than the big plastic pool and sprinkler!  I can remember LOVING them as a kid....guess they'll always be good fun.  In the evening after school, work, and dinner, Brian and I usually get the lawn chairs out and just watch the boys play until bedtime and then do it all over again!

This is a picture that I took last weekend of Poppa and Mabry.  She is so cute and teeny tiny.

Holding Mabry and then holding my own baby boy makes me realize just how much of a baby he is NOT anymore.  I feel like he is so big....He just turned 20 months and it has been 20 months of pure joy, chaos, exhaustion, excitement, and fun!  He still keeps us on our toes and doesn't let up one little bit.  He is such a cool kid.