Sunday, April 29, 2012

Mabry is here for Granny's 90th!

This weekend was so exciting for our family!!
On Wednesday, April 25th, our niece Mabry Claire Wagner was born.  Steven and Amber are some proud parents of the most adorable baby girl we've ever seen!  We got to meet her this weekend.  Also, it was Granny's 90th birthday!  Brian's grandmother couldn't have had a better birthday.  She had family fly in and surprise her that she hasn't seen in years.  We all gathered on Saturday for her birthday party.  Everyone got to meet and hold Mabry while celebrating Granny and her 90th birthday.  It was wonderful! 

 In between meeting Mabry and partying with Granny, I made some mud pies with my boys!

Granny and Mabry Claire on their big day!

Steven, Amber, and Mabry

Granny and her 3 Great-Grandchildren

Mommy and Daughter :)

PROUD grandparents!!

Look at this sweet baby.......

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

So....this beautiful April weather has been what our family has needed!  We all have spring fever and we are ready for summer to get here.  We have been playing outside ALL that we can and enjoying it.  Brian has been getting his garden all ready.  We've been doing our flower beds, washing the boat, mowing, just about anything that you can do outside.  The boys have been trying to help out in all areas as you can imagine.   

 This past weekend we were able to have Avery's buddy Colt come over for the day and a sleepover.  These boys have missed each other like crazy and made up for it all in one day!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Eventful Weekend

Eventful Weekend= Getting to see Brian after a week! Going to DeQueen for some visiting with family and friends.
Williamson Round-UP
Baking Cookies
Playing in the Rain
Hide the Watermelon Game

What do you notice about this picture???
heee heee.....looking good Jeff!

Avery got to play with his cousin Layne this weekend.
Hide the watermelon was a little game we made up on of those silly games to occupy some little boys. We hid a small plastic slice of watermelon and Avery and Jackson had to find you can see here, it is hiding in Nonnie's!

Nana & Avery